Why do I choose “natural remedies” before a doctor visit?

At the end, I’ll link to an interesting article about essential oils vs Rx drugs–which my reading of prompted this post.

But before you read it, I would like to preface it by saying that I do believe vaccines and drugs and prescriptions {Rx}, etc. have a place in our physical well-being. Some people are all or nothing either way. I prefer to try to find balance. My main problem with Rx & OTCs is that they have become “god” to so many–a first response to any ailment. I personally know people who have very minor problems {a sneeze!?} and run to the doctor for a “cure-all prescription” which will likely cause more problems than their original ailment…

I prefer to research alternatives as a first defense instead of a last resort. 

first defense2


{{But that doesn’t mean you have to. :) }}

I also will be speaking mostly of Essential Oils because that is what I am learning the most about right now… herbal remedies and proper nutrition will get their own post one day. :)

I understand that vaccines have done a miraculous work at nearly eliminating certain childhood illnesses.

When your body is in intense pain for some reason or another, there ARE prescriptions that can aid in relieving those symptoms. But it is true that, as far as I have ever read/heard, all Rx have some negative side effect as stated in this article. I do not know that the modern medical field is indoctrinated as he states, because there ARE competent doctors and nurses who also advocate “natural remedies” -and there are a few comments from them in this article!

Of course, their concern is the concern of anyone with care for others and that is the mis-handling of these alternatives. There is no regulation of them-nor am I proposing there should be. I am not a proponent of the government regulating pretty much anything. But it does pose a danger to those not willing or able to do their own research-as does keeping Rx in reach of children!

I sell a brand of Essential Oils that I have come to trust after reading about them and the founders extensive research and pledge to only the best plants and safest-not quickest or most volumizing-methods as well as a single distillation process to be used.

I read, when I can, about herbs and oils and tinctures and poultices to use …as a first response to sickness. That is not to say that since beginning this natural-wellness journey that I have not popped an ibuprofen when I was in too much pain to process what I was learning. I am still in the learning stages. My husband still uses his inhaler… too frequently for my comfort, but MUCH less since using oils to help relieve his allergies. 

There ARE cautions to be taken when using herbs and oils.

Some should never be ingested but only applied topically or inhaled. Some should not be combined. But that is also true of Rx. Why do you think the nurse asks if you take any medications regularly? There are some Rx you should not take with regular consumption of another medicine, whether OTC or Rx. There are also oils that can counteract with Rx, leaving them ineffective in your body—just more toxic waste for your system to deal with and no benefit. {I’m working on creating some specific safety cautions from what I am learning.}

But all these are not reason to stop your Rx cold-turkey… that’s just DANGEROUS.

But neither are they a reason NOT to pursue learning about these “alternatives”–which USED to be a life long study of people often called “healers.” And I want it to be  study of mine. There are so many testimonies of people being able to slowly come off Rx through complete diet change or have slowly replaced them with an essential oil regimen; and that is beautiful!

Ok. let’s talk “bottom dollar.” Sure, either side wants to make money. {In our current society, money is a necessity.}

And there are some on either side whose only goal is that money. {And this is the same in pretty much ANY industry!}

But I have found, in just personal experience {which I realize is very limited and not a reliable source of research}, that more in the pharmaceutical world [large companies, not necessarily your local pharmacist] are wanting to push a lifetime Rx onto a person without stopping to suggest at least researching a less toxic approach.

And personally, I want you to buy a good quality EO and learn how the Lord made it to HEAL your body… no matter from WHOM you buy. And this is why I promote the BRAND I sell.  I do enjoy getting a few dollars when people sign up under me; but honestly, at the moment, I’m spending more than I’m making–because I BELIEVE in the healing power of these oils… and I want others to know about them!

And, I believe the author states it very well when he says:

“I don’t want to imply that there is no use for medical care as we have it today. If I were in a serious accident with a massive head injury, damage to my internal organs, or a broken limb, I would want to go to the nearest emergency room as fast as possible with the best physicians and nurses on staff. Allopathic medicine is wonderful in a crisis and saves many lives. Emergency medicine is what they do best. In a traumatic situation where you could die unless immediate action is taken, allopathy with all of its drugs, surgeries, equipment, and other paraphernalia can be just what you need to get through the crisis.
But as for healing, allopathic medicine doesn’t offer much. After you have been rescued by allopathic measures from imminent death in an emergency situation, the healing is still up to you by seeking other modalities. And when it comes to chronic illness like cancer, arthritis, diabetes, or cardiovascular disease, allopathy has no cures and usually makes matters worse.”

So, about that article… You can find it HERE. :)


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** I am not a doctor . All recommendations on this site are for personal information only and cannot diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Legally, I must recommend that you consult a trusted physician or other medical professional before using any alternatives to pharmaceutical medication or making any drastic changes in your diet. Live smart! Do your own research. Know & trust your doctor.**

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