Well, Hello SPRING!! Finally… Though I know there are those in cooler climates that still have yet to feel like it’s coming. :) Friends from the north are still posting about snow falling in April!

Around here, we have a few people in our house that react to seasonal allergies with swelling, itching, watering faces… some it effects asthmatic reactions. It’s truly nothing to sneeze at-HAHA.

Well, for several years we have combat these reactions with OTC meds. When we added local honey to our diet things did get a little better… but sometimes the pollen is literally overwhelming to our repsiration!

This year we began using some resources from God’s creation:


Allergies-3-WaysAfter just a few times of being amazed by the wonder of this trilogy of oils… I am no longer surprised… but I am still in AWE of our God and how His creation holds the remedy for so much of what sin has brought to our bodies.

My husband ingests a single blended drop in a capsule with carrier oil or rubs a properly diluted blend behind his ears and across the bridge of his nose.

When y babies get sneezy or runny-eyes and I rub these [properly diluted] oils over their necks and behind their ears, sometimes across their nasal cavity on their faces… within minutes their sneezing is gone and they are breathing normally again [and they smell yummy :)].

I do the same for me as my children… I have ingested the oils like my hubby, but applying topically is more potent –and I enjoy the immediate relief! :) the fragrance does not bother me.

I have a friend whose husband simply rubs a drop of lavender across his nose for immediate relief–lasting for hours.

If you would like to learn first hand what all the fuss is about I would like to encourage you to sign up –take the plunge!!

Yes, it’s a chunk of money up front to get the Premium Starter Kit, but I am SO thankful to be reaching for a more natural remedy to be our first line of medical defense rather than getting an Rx and paying a co-pay for 4-6 members of my family every spring!

And I trust the QUALITY of Young Living… the founder/company is committed to the pureness of each oil they distribute!


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I would love to help you get started learning more about Young Living Essential Oils…

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** I am not a doctor . All recommendations on this site are for personal information only and cannot diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Legally, I must recommend that you consult a trusted physician or other medical professional before using any alternatives to pharmaceutical medication or making any drastic changes in your diet. Live smart! Do your own research. Know & trust your doctor.**
Seriously… you should get a professional medical opinion and/or diagnosis before thinking of alternative remedies…

self-diagnosis or social-media-diagnosis is not recommended! :)


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