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multi-purpose “egg”

I am LOVING this {FP} baking blend mix from Raye’s Place. {{I’ve used another baking blend she put together before–and loved it too!}} {Sorry these photos are so blurry… phone camera} She has several great recipes on her blog, but I decided to try something so simple I couldn’t not share it [Yes, that’s a double negative used correctly.] I take a single egg and blend it in my single-serve ninja blender until it is fully blended! I then add 1 tbsp of the {FP} baking mix and then add any flavorings I want. You could go sweet with some stevia and cinnamon or savory [as shown here] with some leftover taco meat and cheese {then top it with a good salsa}. I then cook it stove-top like a pancake! It gets fluffy and, if made simply plain, can be spread thin and used as a wrap for sandwich meats. I’ve also made it plain and used it in place of [normal, white] rolls that I made for the rest of my family. I hope this gives a little inspiration to...

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This is definitely going to become a staple in my THM pantry! I used it to make the CRANBERRY UPSIDE DOWN CAKE instead of following the exact recipe…

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