Why Young Living* brand?

There are a myriad of little things that I learned in reading about essential oils that led me to go with Young Living. {this post has had some minor edits since it’s original posting}

If you have time and an inclination to read many blog posts and research reports, I would suggest “googling” essential oils.  :)


But recently I came across a fairly comprehensive note on the topic of specifically Young Living and {doTerra} oils with much of the same information I remember having read in separate places.

It is written by a lady who had the same questions many of us do, and took the time to research it out. She answers some pretty specific questions in a good bit of detail. I have no reason to suspect her sincerity and her notations appear thorough.

In addition, below is a link to the Young Living pledge of “Seed to Seal”…


They ONLY do 1 distillation, getting the purest form of the essential oil from that plant. 

Many times plants are subjected to complete distillation, meaning the plant material passes several times through the distillation process and then the resulting oils are combined creating less strong oils.

If you want, you can read about the actual company and founder of YL. I trust WHY they founded the company. I appreciate the fact that they grow plants in their natural habitat and even test the seeds of the plants they grow themselves before planting!  

The information found in these different links are just part of why I chose Young Living and recommend it exclusively… I also had a spiritual peace that this was what would be best for my family. Obviously, that is not a scientific, provable experiment :) but I would recommend asking the Lord to direct you, even in this! {And if you aren’t sure what I’m talking about… I’d invite you to visit HERE.}


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