wondering about essential oils?

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A few personal recommendations are:

we love this one for:

*minor cuts and bruises

*bug-bite soothing

*eczema flare-ups

*calming for bed-time routines

*fragrance in our hair rinse

3405{respiratory care}

[ever hear of putting *vicks* vapor rub on your feet for a cough?]

we love this for:

*aid in healthy respiration

We don’t need another reason! :)


we loves this for:

[not recommended for children under 2]

 *upset tummies

*reducing low-grade fevers

*headache chaser


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** I am not a doctor . All recommendations on this site are for personal information only and cannot diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Legally, I must recommend that you consult a trusted physician or other medical professional before using any alternatives to pharmaceutical medication or making any drastic changes in your diet. Live smart! Do your own research. Know & trust your doctor.**


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