what is an essential oil BLEND?

Mr. Gary Young, the founder of Young Living, has spend years studying and researching essential oils and their different properties and how they effect our bodies. Because of this, there are many blends of oils available through Young Living that are targeted for specific needs, be it emotional or physical.

Every oil has its own rate of evaporation, or volatility. Essential oils usually fit into one of these categories depending on their volatility.

“top notes” – these are lighter fragrances and are quickest to evaporate. They are often the most stimulating and uplifting to the mind and body. They tend to be the first impression of a blend and often have antiseptic properties.

“middle notes” – these oils have warm, soft fragrances which linger after a brief sniff of the oil. They have medium volatility and tend to general functions and metabolism of the body. They are often good for balancing the body.

“base notes” – these oils are the slowest to evaporate, and are usually the most relaxing and sedating oils. They tend to be the last impression of a blend’s fragrance.

Of course, there are some oils that do cross over between the notes and can be described, for example as ‘top middle’.

When essential oils are blended, their combined effect can be multiplied more than the effects of the individual oils. Some blends come together more pleasingly than others and have enhancing effects. This is called synergy.

If you were to combine Lavender eo with Chamomile eo it would enhance the anti-inflammatory properties of each. 


from the farm in France

from the farm in France

So…….the very best essential oil blends are those that enhance the best effects of the individual oils used. And this is what Mr. Gary Young & his researchers have been researching for many years!

That is not to say you cannot make a blend on your own, but starting with a few trusted and widely used “recipes” is best, while studying essential oils.


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