some safety tips for essential oil use

Just like being told to read the cautions and instructions on your Rx or OTC, Essential Oils have cautions and instructions for safe and proper use. 

Here is a list of the most basic of safety tips. 

{EDITED to add: ******After reading a rather heated discussion on this subject, I do feel this should be clarified.  The phrase “generally accepted as effective with no harmful side effects” may be misleading to some. Any thing [food, detergent, fabric, etc] can have unwanted reactions. We live in a fallen world [yes, I am bringing something spiritual into this], but most Rx and OTC have warnings of many possible long-term harmful effects for your body, including actually damaging organs [often the liver] and creating other “medical conditions” which in turn need more medications. Essential oils have cautions for proper use which, if learned and followed, by an otherwise healthy person, should not have side-effects. If there is an unknown allergy, then there may be a reaction. That is why we must study natural remedies, to use them safely and properly. Claiming that essential oils do not ever need dilution or that they can be applied with no concern for reaction of any sort is fool-hardy. Claiming that, in general, using Essential oils properly can be a safe alternative and without the damaging side-effects of many [dare I say most] Rx and OTC, is candid. There will always be someone, somewhere that has had a negative experience with using ‘natural remedies’; but upon further investigation into their full story, it is often found to be a result of ignoring a known or possible allergy or improper application of known safety precautions [not diluting an essential oil or mixing herbs that can have adverse reactions to each other]. I hope this helps someone.}

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** I am not a doctor . All recommendations on this site are for personal information only and cannot diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Legally, I must recommend that you consult a trusted physician or other medical professional before using any alternatives to pharmaceutical medication or making any drastic changes in your diet. Live smart! Do your own research. Know & trust your doctor.**


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