so, what ARE essential oils anyway?

WELCOME to my series on ESSENTIAL OILS and what they are, how they are extracted and why Young Living is the leader in this industry, including their process that guarantees the oils are the highest, purest quality on the market.

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well… Essential Oils are “volatile liquids created by aromatic plants that help the plants sustain it’s life.”

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Essential oils are literally the “life blood” of a plant.

They are an ‘oil-soluble substance’ that can be extracted from a plant that helps that plant defend itself from insects and environmental conditions as well as fight against disease.

YL-ylang-ylang grove in ecuador

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The oils of a plant are over 50 times more powerful than the herb, and their molecules are small enough to enter the blood stream through the skin.

Inhaling oils can cause them to penetrate the blood/brain barrier, which is causing some revolutionary research into autism and developmental delays, as well as helping many families naturally control a child with attention issues.

Use of essential oils for healing dates back to Biblical times. There have been essential oils found in Egyptian tombs that still posses the same compounds as oils distilled properly today–meaning a PURE Essential Oil will not have an expiration date… but diluted or adulterated ones will.

I wrote about why I prefer to learn about natural methods of healing to try before heading to a medical practitioner… but I must caution anyone who also wishes to do so to consult their doctor before trying alternatives to Rx, especially if you are currently taking an Rx for a specific diagnosis.

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