“no-mess” oppsie muffins {S}

So, I made the oopsie roll [links to original recipe I used, minus the splenda or any sweetener] the other week to use with a big, juicy grilled hamburger. I ended up loving it, and so did my kids! So, today I really wanted some kind of ‘roll’ side for our steak lunch and my brain wandered back to this recipe.

The first time I made them, the batter spread in the oven much more than I had anticipated. I have heard that is because I did not get stiff peaks on my egg whites—too in a hurry.

So, this time, I knew I would be in the same hurry… so I made them in a muffin tin.

And since my muffin tin has seen many better days, I used cupcake liners. :)

oopsie muffinsIt is the basic recipe found up above, but I tweaked it a bit. It seems EVERYONE tweaks oppsie rolls :) I have found 4-5 basic tweaks, but none were exactly what I did…. so:

My Oopsie Muffins


5 eggs, separated

5 ounces cream cheese-softened

1 wedge laughing cow cheese of your flavor choice {I used a jalepeno cheddar}

a pinch cream of tartar

a pinch of salt

1/8 tsp baking powder

directions: [preheat to 350*]

1. whip egg whites with cream of tartar [in a cold bowl] until stiff peaks form, then refrigerate until needed

2. cream yolks, cream cheese, LC cheese wedge, salt and baking powder until smooth

3. gently incorporate the creamy mixture into the egg whites

4. fill a lined, oiled [sprayed with olive oil] muffin tin

5. bake for 12-15 minutes or until the tops are puffy and the inside is set.

The photo is from a few minutes later- the puff deflates and the edges pull away from the sides of the tin…. it is “no-mess” because, if you were more careful than I was, you should not need to clean your pan :)

I am going to add some shredded cheddar next time! And maybe make a batch adding in some sweetener and cinnamon… whatever you love!

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