my “faux-tato” salad {S or FP}

We have tried several version of fake potato foods made with cauliflower… No one really likes them.

So when I read about using radishes, I thought–well, I’ll give it a shot! :)

I was NOT disappointed.

We basically love potato salad as a family…. and with family coming over to watch the college football game today {AL vs Texas A&M}, I wanted something mostly normal to eat next to some grilled steak!

This was YUM!!

–please forgive the blurry photo. My phone camera is pathetic, and I was too lazy to get out the real camera. HA

not-your-norma-potato-saladMy Faux-tato Salad [S or FP]:


1 lb red radishes, ends sliced off, and cut into half-rounds

2 stalks of celery, diced

1 dill pickle, diced

2 small orange bell peppers, diced

2 Tbsp mayo [take down to 1 Tbsp or omit altogether for an FP side]

1 Tbsp yellow mustard

1/4 cup 0% greek yogurt

2 tsp ACV {apple cider vinegar}

dash of dill, salt/pepper to taste


1. boil radishes in salted water until completely tender, pink from the skin will be mostly faded; drain

2. mix mayo, mustard, vinegar and yogurt with the dill and S/P {this is the dressing}

3. mix all the veggies into the dressing

4. chill & serve!

As with real potato salad, this is better the next day… but is not too bad after just an hour of chilling.

And as always… make this recipe fit YOUR family!!

Use whatever you normally put in your potato salad and just sub out the potato with some boiled radishes and see how you like it!


  1. Oh, yum yum yum!!!! We love radishes roasted! But I hate them raw. :-) However, we’ve been very pleased with cauli in most things. Thanks for linking up this fantastic recipe at Trim Healthy Tuesday!!

    • oh wow! thanks for stopping by! :)
      None of us are fond of cooked cali… i’ve tried. I really have! lol. but one of my girls loves it raw!
      And I always thought I hated radishes until I cooked them… not sure why I thought you shouldn’t; but I had only seen them raw on veggie trays or salad bars. haha. and roasted is definitely my favorite way.
      One caution… it IS better the next day, but not so much more than 2 days later :) it gets watery-not bad, but not a great texture.


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