eggy muffins {S} or {FP}

I love to have breakfast all prepared and ready to go before I even get up in the mornings….

I am NOT a morning person. :)

These can require a heat-up; but if you use a microwave it’s just about 30 sec to READY!

{I have been known to eat them cold…}

Here’s what you need: {this makes 12 muffins}

12 muffin tin
3 eggs & 5 egg whites {or equivalent of packaged egg whites}

bell pepper {I used 4 baby, multi-colored ones… but green are great too!}

12 pieces each of ham and turkey, thinly sliced deli meat

a couple TBSP shredded cheddar cheese

salt to taste

eggmuffininsert 2 slices of meat into each muffin cup

drop about a tbsp of diced peppers into each one

put about the same amount of cheese into the ham cups…

{trying to keep the others FP!}


 for the turkey cups:

whisk together 1 egg and 3 whites {or 9 TBSP of egg whites}

with a dash of salt; and I use this time to add a sprinkle of turmeric to my diet

{it adds nice color and a bit of flavor and it’s good for you!}

spoon out 3 TBSP egg mixture into each of the turkey cups

hamfor the ham cups:

whisk together 2 eggs and 2 eggs whites {or 6 TBSP package egg whites}

with a dash of salt

spoon 3 TBSP into each of the ham cups

Bake on 350 for 12 minutes. Check for firmness, but don’t overbake :)

They will be re-heated later!

from the ovenALL PUFFED UP! :)

but they will deflate as they cool

Can be kept in the refrigerater for 3-4 days… heat 30 sec in a microwave or wrap in foil and stick under the broiler for 2 min :) {We don’t have a microwave…}

They also freeze well… just heat a little longer.

ENJOY! 2 is a serving…. keep them the same and you’ll have FP {turkey cups} or S {ham cups} breakfasts all ready to go!

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