a cool, refreshing snack {FP}

Sometimes I have a twinge of hunger in the afternoon, but it is just too close to supper to eat a full-on snack…

So, what’s a girl to do?

Following the THM way, I prefer to keep a snack like this very neutral [FP, by acronym] and have a good [lean] protein with some non-starchy veggy.


Dice a cucumber… I {LOVE} cucumbers.

Add a dollop of fat-free or reduced fat cottage cheese

{check your container for serving size and do not exceed carb/fat limit for FP}

{I LOVE the Daisy brand, but canNOT find it around my home…

so just get the best you can find as far as added ingredients}

{you could also use non-fat Greek yogurt, if you like the tang}


sprinkle on your favorite blend of herbs &/or spices

{I enjoy a ‘steak seasoning’ with salt/pepper and garlic powder}

if feeling fancy, a very small sprinkle of freshly grated Parm is nice too

[check your total fat/carbs to keep in the FP range]

Relax and enjoy…

before rushing off to fix supper!



  1. YUM. Great light snack to carry on. :)

    • 😀

  2. That sounds like my kind of snack!!. Today mine was a little heavier though a cinnamon scone with cottage berry whip :)

    • sounds YUM :) {so sorry I never saw this comment! I’ve been absent from blogging here for a while, but planning to get back into it!}


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