some SUMMER oil thoughts

summeroilguidemine1In case you can’t tell from this little graphic, LAVENDER is an AWESOME EO to start with!

It is the oil I jumped into learning about way back when I used whatever oil I could afford…. not really realizing the different qualities. We use it all the time for scrapes and bug bites and unknown-origin itches. :)

{And I do realize that there MAY be other oils with quality equal to Young Living… but I trust Young Living’s SEED to SEAL promise, and the one-stop-shopping for EOs is just what this busy momma needs! :) }

We love [heavily diluted, a little goes a LONG way] PEPPERMINT for upset tummies. I use it for headaches, but small children should not use this potent oil around their face or neck as it can hinder their respiration.

I like to add THIEVES to my {natural} all-purpose cleaner… [it’s just vinegar & water] for some extra germ-killing “umph.”

Have you ever used any of these oils for these purposes?

{{Feel free to ask me how you can get wholesale prices from me… locals get free shipping. Sales tax still applies. If you fall in love with your oil, the PREMIUM STARTER KIT is the way to go for learning about MORE!}}

** I am not a doctor . All recommendations on this site are for personal information only and cannot diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Legally, I must recommend that you consult a trusted physician or other medical professional before using any alternatives to pharmaceutical medication or making any drastic changes in your diet. Live smart! Do your own research. Know & trust your doctor.**

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