commitment to purity in distillation

This is a little ‘lengthy’ but please **listen carefully** to the details he spells out–the care and commitment to a perfectly pure product is astounding. –and this is just the distilling process!

{I am not trying to bash any other brand or company of oils… but there is not another essential oil brand on the market that can boast of this level of purity-commitment. and I want to use only the best! I try to take care to use pure, whole foods and get tired of reading labels that list sugar as the 1st or 2nd ingredient… why would I pick up “just any” essential oil when I know the harmful effects chemicals in the water of the steaming/distilling process can do to those oils!!?? –and not everything that is in the essential oil as a result of those chemicals is required by law to be on a label, just letting you know!–}


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